Jaikumar Tejwani & Co LLP (JKTCO)

JKTCO is a Chartered accountancy firm equipped with highly proficient Partners and a team of qualified financial professionals with relevant experiential backgrounds.

JKTCO along with its branches and affiliates offers services across India, Head office being New Delhi, branch office in Mumbai and affiliate offices in Jaipur and Dubai. JKTCO helps a wide range of clients from diverse industries and businesses competently navigate complex business issues such as auditing, managing budgets, taxation, and compliance.

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Comprehensive Solutions for Complex Business Issues

We offer strategic advice and solutions for all financial and legal matters.

Credibility of 3 Decades

Offices Across India

Peer Reviewed Firm

Wide Base
Over 200 Loyal Clients

Core Strength
Talented Professionals

Highest Integrity
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We are firmly committed to our core values of delivering high-quality services and maintaining the highest ethical standards.
Transparent communication, on-time delivery, and fostering a high-morale team environment have been instrumental in building our reputation and achieving our current level of success.

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